Viña Chocalán has two estates, located in the Maipo Valley and the Malvilla sector in the San Antonio Valley.


Located on a stretch of pristine land between the Andes Mountains and Costal Mountain Range, Viña Chocalán has 340 hectares of land benefiting from a unique microclimate in the Maipo Valley.

Located just 35 km in a straight line from the Pacific Ocean, with cool evenings, the sea breeze creates a contrast between day and night, allowing for a slow ripening of the fruit.

The vineyard is frost free and 30% of the vines are planted on hillsides with Northwest sun exposure. Shaped as an amphitheater, plantations have different exposures to the sun for 300 days a year.

The slopes have well-drained limestone soils Furthermore, this strong maritime influence -in addition to the cool climate condition influenced by the Maipo River which is located 1 km from the estate-, allows this terroir to produce high quality red wines, with intense colors, freshness, and a natural acidity.

The white wines from Maipo used for our Reserve range are planted near the river using clonal material that allows maximum varietal expression, as well as a careful and proper management of the vineyard for harvest.



For our Premium white wines and Pinot Noir, the goal is to achieve the highest quality that the Malvilla vineyards in the Valle de San Antonio can offer. Only 5 km from the ocean, this exceptionally fresh terroir reflects the persistent freshness and elegance of our white wines with balanced fruit and minerality, good acidity and saline notes.